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In October 2011 I was contacted by Dorothy Thompson, CEO/Founder of Pump Up Your Book, to let me know I had won a copy of her book Romancing The Soul as a prize for attending one of Pump Up’s monthly author chats. Full disclosure here: I have, on two prior occasions (two years ago now) been a client of Ms. Thompson’s while doing virtual tours for my own book, The Light, The Dark, and Ember Between; I have also reviewed three other titles for Pump Up.

Because she has been supportive and helpful in my promotional efforts I knew right away I would write a review for her book. I don’t review every book I read, to be sure. At the outset writing a review was my way of saying thanks. I didn’t mention it, figuring I would fly under the radar and surprise her with it later.

Of course, if I didn’t care for the book I would have told her as much. Ms. Thompson knows that although I may be verbose I always strive to be fair and professional in my reviews. Her book would be no exception to that important rule.

A couple weeks later she e-mailed me to ask if I would consider doing a review for the book as she was going to be doing a small virtual book tour of her own in support of it. I replied and told her “I was planning on doing one anyway.”

The theme of the book involved the idea of soul mates. I wouldn’t think it too outlandish to say the majority of us have, if not encountered this head on, at least considered the notion. I was primed and ready for it to arrive.

When it finally came I read a bit of it and was struck by how much it resonanted with me. Without the least forethought or mindful consideration I lit upon my keyboard and wrote her an e-mail, the contents of which is below.

I don’t offer this up as any form of personal healing or self-aggrandizment; once you read it I believe that much will be clear. My intent for posting it is as a prelude to her first ‘stop’ on her tour on Monday: my blog, for the review of Romancing The Soul. I believe its essence is woven within the content of her book.


Did I ever tell you where I got my e-mail address/website name from? If you’ve visited the site then you know already . . . Amor Vincit Omnia — latin . . . and I know you know the translation. [in case you don’t know, it translates to “love conquers all”—JWN]

There was a time when I experienced many of the phenomena you propose in Romancing the Soul. I had felt connected to certain people, sure, but in my mid thirties I had met someone whom I felt almost inexplicably connected to . . . and we hadn’t actually met yet. Many things happened, stupid acts on my part served to curdle the sweet cream of our infant pairing. As you have stated, there are people who come into our lives to teach us lessons. I’m pretty sure she was one of them.

And yet, to this day, I still can’t explain or convincingly describe how very much I felt she was a part of me. I will, for the rest of my breathing days, never forget the time she called me and said “I only have a few seconds—they’re waiting for me in the car—but I wanted to call and tell you ‘I love you’.”

Everything in this plane of existence blurred then disappeared, if only for a few seconds. In their place was an overwhelming feeling of warmth, of hope. Amor vincit omnia, indeed.

The denoument is much less energetic and far more expositive of our innate humanity. The details are boring, certainly not unique, but in their ultimate conclusion lies the proof that some people are not meant to be with us forever.

This is a stunningly hard concept to wrap one’s head around, much less the heart.

I consider myself to be fairly well grounded, with the potent exception of my propensity for being a damned romantic. I firmly believe there is an existence which surrounds us that we can’t see, if only because our mortal eyes are not trained for it. Ego and Fear do a splendid job of keeping us wrapped in a veil of ignorance or non-acceptance of ourselves or others. The only way to glimpse that other side is to, quite simply, let go of those twin bastards, to allow their creidbility to decay and forever cripple them.

When I attended the Tucson Festival of Books a couple years ago, I wound up seated next to a couple of women who wrote a small book entitled “Your Angels Are Speaking.” I bought a copy after sitting and chatting with one of them for a while—few people were buying, lots of browsing, and the conversation was intriguing.

The two are sisters; one professed to the other to have been contacted by her own angels and was urged to write down their communications. She enlisted the aid of the other sister who was more adept at writing. It echoes the spirit and essence of Romancing The Soul. I shall reread it again soon, but it’s effects after the first read through are still with me.

I don’t need to read through your book with an open mind . . . mine has been open for quite some time. I do need to more fully exert myself toward the acceptance of others easing in and out of my life; I need to let go this buried pain I keep inside, because I know, much like Pandorra’s urn, it keeps a lid on my potential. I should forego the active search and instead be mindful of the universe around me instead.

It never happens when you’re looking for it, right?

Amor Vincit Omnia,

  •   •   •   •   •  

I certainly hope you will come back Monday morning and read my review!

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One of the best things about having your own blog is you get to dictate the content—it’s your party and you’ll cry if you want to . . . or whine, rant, make fun of others, or indulge in a touch of shameless self-promotion.

So this post won’t contain any breathtaking prose on politics or current events, no mental wanderings on things in my little corner of another summer in Hell Arizona.

See, I’m fast closing in on my first book signing ‘thing’. Next Saturday, July 25th, at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, from 2:00-3:30pm. Should be a good day. I’ll have all new experiences in anxiety and stress at the bookstore, and then afterwards my son and I are going to a Diamondbacks game; the way they’ve been playing chances are I’ll come up bigger at the bookstore than they will in front of a stadium half-full of fans.

Doesn’t really matter. I get to have a bona fide day to carefully tuck away in memory.

In anticipation—and because I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t do so—I stopped by the bookstore to see if my book was on the shelves ahead of the signing:

The Author Events section

The Author Events section

In case you missed it . . . my books . . . on the shelf!

In case you missed it . . . my books . . . on the shelf!

Any questions? OOH-RAH! If nothing else I get to see my book on a bookstore shelf. I may not sell a single one that day, but I got to experience something I never thought I would. It was a moment of quiet intensity.

I’d like to ask for your indulgence one moment more. I wanted to share this review—not because it’s another glowing review, but because of something better than that. About three weeks ago I’d sent out a press release and receieved almost thirty requests for review copies. For one in particular, I visited her blog, only to discover she’d very recently had a death in her family. Along with the book I sent a note expressing my sincere condolences. I figured she wouldn’t get around to reading the book, much less writing a review, for quite a while given the circumstances . . . and that suited me just fine. However, within about two weeks she’d written me back stating she had, in fact, read it and done the review. First, here’s the note she sent:

I want to first thank you for the nice note you included with the book you sent for review. Your expressions of sympathy for the loss of my sister were very kind. I am thankful you sent the book when you did. It was wonderful and I needed to read it.

Nice, indeed, of itself. Next, the review she wrote:

The Light, The Dark, & Ember Between is beautifully written, and is an uplifting, thoughtful, intelligent, and heartfelt collection of short stories. Fifteen stories in all, each is so very different and from different points of view. All of the stories bring the message of hope to the reader. This is a book that lives up to what it promises – the message of hope as the “Ember Between.”

I have to say that this book came to me at just the right time. I needed to read it because it reminded me that hope doesn’t just happen. We have to keep our eyes open and watch for it. This is a lovely book that I recommend for personal reading or as a wonderful gift.

By the way, on Amazon she gave it 5-stars, and entitled her comment “Better than 5 stars.” (Remember, this is my blog!)

Her review, of course, is wonderful. But I submit that the higher reason for basking in it isn’t because of what she thought of the book, rather because of what it did for one person—a complete stranger. Should there ever be any doubt or argument about the power of angels? I have the warmest suspicion that the timing of my press release was guided by a power far greater than any visible entity I know of.

Every so often, if we listen very carefully, closely, without remission of heart, we may hear the whisper of an angel telling us we’ve done well. I like her review (of course) but am far more fond of what she’s said between the lines. I managed, in some small way, to make a difference—and I have to say it feels exceptionally good.

If you’d like to see the rest of the Amazon reviews you can find them here.

I have all the reviews (Amazon’s included) posted at my site, Avomnia.com.

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I’ll be chatting it up with author Barry Eva this morning on his Blog TAlk Radio show A Book and a Chat, live at 8:30am MST / 10:30am CST / 11:30am EST.

Call in and talk with us if you’d like: (347) 237-5398.

If you can’t catch it this morning, you can listen anytime you’d like later by clicking on the same link above, or I’ll have it posted to my web site as well!

DOH!: I screwed up the start time, so if you tuned it at the time I stated above you were a half-hour late thanks to yours truly. :^(

The show will be available for listening at your convenience at about 9amMST. So do please check back and give it a listen. It was a lot of fun.

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Well, the interview is done, and what fun it was! Kim was very easy going and made me feel absolutely comfortable. Didn’t hurt that she gushed about the book (she did all my gratuitous plugging for me!), but it left me a little speechless. I mean, I’m still not quite sure how to respond when someone tells me how very much they enjoyed this-story-or-that. “Thank you very much” seems a pretty anemic response, not that the intent is any less genuine.

In case you’re wondering what she said, may I suggest you give the show a listen in the background while you surf your blogs or whatever else; if you’re wondering what she said, she used words like “fabulous” and “wonderfully entertaining.” Not that I’m bragging . . . well, okay, a little. I can’t help it ;^)

The show’s only half and hour, but it’s just an easy going talk between two people who enjoy writing.

I also thought I’d share this with you, because it cracked me up the moment I saw it . . .

C'mon - that's funny stuff!

C'mon - that's funny stuff!

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She seemed to take forever, the wait and anticipation bordering on dubiousness.

At long last, she’d arrived.

Gently, carefully, protectively I held her, hands encased in cotton gloves so as not to outwardly soil her skin. My eyes drank in every detail: her size, her gentle heft, her color. She is now and always will be my first.

Much work and many an emotion went into getting her here, settled within my palms, beyond any question as if she’d belonged there all along—perhaps she was only meant for me, another watershed moment within my own life story.

She bears my inner being to a very real extent, and I assure you she’s far more attractive than I. Someday I will leave her behind and can only hope she will perhaps, at some inconcievable future point, provide some measure of inspiration in those who may choose to hold her as well.

She is my first book—The Light, The Dark, and Ember Between. We will be spending lots of time together in the coming year, and over a lifetime I hope she takes on that warm golden hue most books acquire with graceful age.

To all who have told me they await its arrival I can tell you from biased first-hand opinion . . . well, I can’t say that you’ll think it was worth the wait, but I certainly hope you think so :^).

Wanna see my book trailer? If you don’t know, a book trailer is a small video tease of a book. I’ve posted it on my website (so go see it now!), and once it becomes available on YouTube I’ll post it here too. Stay tuned!

The Light, The Dark, and Ember Between book cover

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A pin-pricked canopy of deep Prussian Blue conceals all that the day sought to expose. Would that its silence be equal to the clamor of light, then the world may rest at peace, a respite she surely needs.

But somewhere lovers will quarrel, and hearts will be broken.
Still others will summon the courage to confess feelings they can hardly put words to . . . they will cautiously and almost timidly lean forward and drip honey-coated whispers in the language of their hearts.
Tears will share a common bond, in both dark and light.

Some will sit alone, staring blankly into their glasses, worried about innumberable things.
Many will carouse or laugh with one or many friends.
Dusk’s velvety shroud will wrap both alike.

Romantics will again pull out their tallest ladders and try to steal the stars from the sky. . .
Skeptics will bemoan the night’s vaulted darkness, planting feet of clay firmly on the ground.
Both of them, however, will still dream.

Half of Earth will glitter and shimmer, twinkle with teeming light and the dalliances of all mankind. The other half will slowly burn away the remnants of yet another night of histories made, bridges burned, and embraces shared.

Perhaps only with the clandestine guidance of divine grace will any of us hold the rose and delicately avoid the thorns.

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Think of the times you’ve painted a room or a wall, maybe washed and waxed your car, or finished writing that story or personal piece you’ve had on the back burner since you can’t remember when. Times like these we all lapse into momentary vanity . . . admit it. I always stand back and admire my car after all that work (which I haven’t done for quite some time)—and if you haven’t taken the opportunity to stand back and gloat after painting an entire room then you’ve never painted a room or you’re waaaaaaay too focused on accomplishment and don’t enjoy results enough.
This is one of those moments for me. I’ve been plugging away at piecing together those things which are, from a style and presentation perspective, far better handled on an external site than here. I think the two compliment each other well, but then, that’s me.
There she is! The link is also located at the lower right in my BlogRoll. If you have any feedback then please let me know!

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