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Morning Duet

Thought I’d post a couple of quick musings I had recently. Many of my posts are lengthy, so sometimes it’s refreshing to have something a little lighter on linguistic calories to read.

Raising the light of dreams to the nightTo Sleep, Perchance To Dream

I dislike waking from strange dreams, worse, being forced awake before the subconscious can bring its own subtle closure to them. It sets a tone for the morning that’s like a gnat buzzing around your ear, or one person slightly out of sync in a marching band; there’s no danger to either yet both are irritating as hell.

I believe that, in some fashion, the heart quietly infuses itself into our dreams. It’s trying to speak to us in a way we can potentially understand. But logic—the waking mind—is overpowering in its capacity to ignore it. The conscious mind has too many other life-critical duties to perform to concern itself with the flotsam of the emotional self. So it busies the body and brain with all the activities we exert ourselves to accomplish.

Such dereliction of our passionate selves can be much to our disservice. This willful neglect to nurture our bodice of feeling dulls the colors we see outside. A seed may never reach its full potential unless attentively cared for from germination to the ripening and harvest of its fruit.

How tragic to come away with a basket half full with immature fruit.

How persistently grievous our turn of a deaf ear to the sleepy cries of the heart.

Sun and Moon Nestled In Between

I don’t typically rise in the morning with a list of concerns, or my head heavy with the burdens of an approaching day. That’s not to say it takes long. But I try to allow myself to steep in those initial moments of waking, to absorb the quiet and let the soft machine slowly come on-line.

I like listening to the news on the way in to work—not that it fills me to overflowing with rainbows and smiles. I just like to have a grasp on what kind of stupidity and general lack of accountability is going on in the world.

A recent story has been the focus on Greece’s austerity program. Seems the populace is torqued because a lot of pencil pushers will be fired. A few less do-nothing neckties and white collars should be good for a country. Apparently not for Greece. Following that logic we’d be almost completely without a Congress.

It comes as no surprise, then, to understand why the sun slips quietly into its clothes of dawn and colorfully hands the watch over to the moon at dusk. Day has a lot on his plate . . . Night provides the escape we need.

Dream on, Sol. I’ll be there with you if you want company.

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If Ever

“Educating the mind without educating the heart, is no education at all.”

Feed your dream. Gorge it on passion and strengthen it with courage. Empower it with action. Whether you whisper it to yourself, to the empty night, or to God, it does not matter. What does matter is your heart hears it, and fervently remembers it. Only then will it urge you forward, a catalyst for every possible exertion to reach out and touch the gossamer fabric of your dream.

You will be told that once you learn to fake it, the world is your oyster. But always beware the power of the Trojan Horse; there are matters in your life which you can’t plausibly fake. As sure as the gentle dawn, there will be twilights to blister your spirit. Guard well the heart. Know it well. Love it, for it is beholden to no other but yourself.

Your heart won’t always know the right, or best, answer; it must be taught. . .
It must truly listen to properly hear. . .
It must weep to appreciate a smile . . .
It must laugh to absorb unavoidable tears.

The color of your very self will depend greatly upon your appetite for compassion. Remain principled but ever mindful of all constructs about you, perceived or real. Gambits upon the logical self are every man’s human folly, but you should never wager your heart in the absence of your soul’s accord. Think and feel — then do it again.

Do what you love, regardless of who may or may not participate with you. Pursue your dream for it can only be yours to pursue. Share your joys and attainments along the way, but never let them become greater demons than your better angels can assuage.

Believe in yourself, even when no one else will. I believe in you, especially when you don’t hear me say it.

If ever you need me, I will always be there. Look no further than within you.

~For my son

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dreammirrorGossamer thin, so much so that it’s almost invisible to the eye. It might be as playful as a dandelion in a breeze or as heavy as an ocean liner’s anchor. It lives with each breath you take, and dies a little each time you surrender to its lesser half.

Pursue it while it still cavorts and teasingly alludes you. You can catch it if only you keep trying. With each calculating move you make to outwit it your Dream will teach you something and gently nudge you forward.

If you haven’t seen the videos of the UK version of American Idol (Britain’s Got Talent) featuring Susan Boyle and Jamie Pugh, then you are in for an emotional reminder of what happens when a dream bursts forth and courageously confronts reality. I must make it absolutely clear that I am not an AI viewer. I haven’t the slightest problem living without watching “Reality” television. So why in the world would I bother watching these clips?

Because they showcase ourselves at our worst and at our finest.

A theater filled to capacity, each and every seat occupied by a person passing judgement based upon nothing less than outward appearance or body language. Each of us all too quick to determine the result before the proof is set before us. We expect beauty, refinement, and talent only from those who physically manifest those traits. And every so often, God winks and shows us what fools we really are.

If you truly watch those clips then you’ll understand what it means to watch a dream unfold. Can you possibly imagine the power of such a thing? People’s very lives altered in mere minutes. Hearts worldwide charmed and teary-eyed to have borne witness to something as fragile and defining as the unleashing of a singular dream.

Billy Joel sang “In every heart there is a room, a sanctuary safe and strong . . .” — how terrifying to release a dream from that most clandestine and personal of places, how noble to face the world and proudly declare “This is my dream.”

I have watched Susan and Jamie, and having done so I can say that I understand now the look of a dream.

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