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Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I started mine with my second baseball to the left eye. I’ve had my fill of those, so I’ve officially taken my last eye-ball. I’ve no plans to even out the right one with a couple hits either, but thanks for asking ;^)

Today’s stop is an interview at Beyond the Books. While the questions are, again, a slightly different riff on others you’ve seen, the most outstanding difference (save for my answers, of course!) is that this interview has my mug on it. Yes, I’ve stooped to showing myself to garner readership; if nothing else, people might look out of morbid curiosity, right?

If you didn’t get a chance, please don’t miss my interview with Barry Eva from Saturday morning on A Book and a Chat. You can catch the link below, or find it at my site, under the Events section.


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Well, the interview is done, and what fun it was! Kim was very easy going and made me feel absolutely comfortable. Didn’t hurt that she gushed about the book (she did all my gratuitous plugging for me!), but it left me a little speechless. I mean, I’m still not quite sure how to respond when someone tells me how very much they enjoyed this-story-or-that. “Thank you very much” seems a pretty anemic response, not that the intent is any less genuine.

In case you’re wondering what she said, may I suggest you give the show a listen in the background while you surf your blogs or whatever else; if you’re wondering what she said, she used words like “fabulous” and “wonderfully entertaining.” Not that I’m bragging . . . well, okay, a little. I can’t help it ;^)

The show’s only half and hour, but it’s just an easy going talk between two people who enjoy writing.

I also thought I’d share this with you, because it cracked me up the moment I saw it . . .

C'mon - that's funny stuff!

C'mon - that's funny stuff!

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Talk into the micOkay, so it’s not so much a stage in the classic sense, as it is a different kind of stage. I’ll be doing two interviews this month on Blog Talk Radio: one with author Kim Smith, and another with author Barry Eva.

Friday, April 17 – 5:30pm MST / 7:30pm CST / 8:30pm EST
Introducing WRITERS! with Kim Smith.
Kim is is the successful author of Avenging Angel: A Shannon Wallace Mystery, as well as the upcoming sequel A Will To Love. I haven’t any idea what she’ll ask, so tune in and find out with me. You can call in too! Look at the promo from her show page:


Click the button below to go directly to Kim’s show page:
Listen to Introducing WRITERS! with Kim Smith on BlogTalkRadio talk radio

Should be fun, right? I’m thinkin’ so. Maybe I’ll get to say hello to you! But wait, there’s one more . . .

Saturday, April 25 – 8am MST / 10am CST / 11am EST
A Book And A Chat with Barry Eva.
Barry is a UK transplant currently living in the US on the East Coast. He’s been writing short stories for a long time, and recently found success with his Young Adult novel Across The Pond under the nom de plume of Storyheart. His format is very informal, much like, as he’s fond of saying, chatting over a cup of tea. Join us and see what he has up his accented sleeve.

Barry’s Radio show page
Listen to Across-the-Pond on BlogTalkRadio talk radio

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